Our History

After a career dedicated to development and agro food projects management in France and abroad, Laurent Deverlanges created a sturgeon farm to produce caviar.

He established the 20 hectares farm in the village of Neuvic on the banks of the Isle, the pioneer river for sturgeon breeding in Aquitaine in the 1980’s.

Laurent Deverlanges unites a long-standing passion for pisciculture and a demanding and innovative business project. He surrounded himself with a limited number of shareholders very implied though. They are from different backgrounds and make the company benefit from a wide range of luxury and art of living brand management experience. This diversity of profiles and their involvement enhances the strength of Caviar de Neuvic business model.

In 2013, Caviar de Neuvic brand is launched in the Neuvic Estate and open its first pop up store in “Boutique Noire” at Printemps Haussmann in Paris.
Huso has been awarded as « A remarkable company » among 10 others companies in 2013. The prize was given by the France Initiative association President, Louis Schweitzer and the Minister of SMB, Fleur Pellerin.

We have duties to Nature

Caviar history and wild sturgeons extinction are lessons to be learned for nowadays pisciculture. It requires an exemplary behaviour. This is why environmental engagement is at the heart of Caviar de Neuvic development. It consists in 3 major commitments.

Respect of the fish

Respect of fish life cycle determines the final quality of caviar. In our Estate, we manipulate as less as possible fishes during growth test stages and transfers between tanks. Moreover, fish density in basins is purposely lower than standards in order to boost their natural balance.
Food is 100% organic.

Breeding and elaboration management

Caviar de Neuvic breeds all Baeri and Ossetra sturgeons in its basins supplied by Isle river. Our laboratory combines technological innovation, conformity with all sanitary standards (IFS certificate) and respect of know-how and human experience to guarantee optimal quality and the highest level of security.

Respect of natural environment

Between the Isle river and centenary trees, the Estate is a special and a precious place.

Water in basins is recycled in a fishing circuit running through the Estate. Water is cleaned and runs back in the river at the end of its journey.

Goats, horses and other animals contribute to the respect and balance of all natural elements of Neuvic’s Estate.